Greece – Day 4: Thessaloniki

This is going to be a short post, as we didn’t take any pictures on day 4, which was primarily concerned with getting from point A (Athens) to point Θ (Thessaloniki). Got up, went to train station, got on train, sat.  Also sat.  The train left an hour late, but apparently this is not at all unusual.  The trip across Greece was pretty, but uneventful.

When we arrived at Thessaloniki, we made the mistake of walking from the train station to our hotel.  It seemed like a good idea on paper, but Google Maps doesn’t tell you things like – “There’s no way to get out of the train station on foot,” or “It’s 100 degrees, dumbass, wouldn’t you rather take a cab?” (Ed. by Leigh: Or, things like, “It will be obvious that nobody ever walks on this sidewalk when you have to dodge a small tree growing out of the middle of the pavement surrounded by weeds on one side and a watermelon on the other.”)

Leigh checked in for her conference, and then we took a bus downtown with Vicky Williamson, a friend of ours from the UK, where we had a very nice dinner of various fried Greek items, including cheese and cheese. At the end of the meal, the waiter brought us free drinks (ed. by Leigh: luckily not Ouzo), which meant that Leigh and Vicky each got half of mine.


  • Means of Transportation Employed: Train, Bus
  • Cumulative Total: 7
  • Geocaches Found: 1
  • Likelihood of mispronouncing “Thessaloniki”: ~50%
  • Meals with cheese: 2
  • Free stuff: after-dinner drinks

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